Thomas Hoste

Since the hurdy-gurdy crossed his path, Thomas has been enchanted by the rich sound of this unique instrument. The infatuation became a true passion. Thomas followed intensive workshops & internships domestically (Martina Diessner, Iep Fourier, Hans Quaghebeur…) and abroad (Gregory Jolivet, Gilles Chabenat, Isabelle Pignol, Valentin Clastrier…)

Several years later he turned to the crank himself with the young folk bands Kléan, Barnabas & Findus. Now he tours throughout Western Europe with the established balfolk formation Cecilia (with Jan Leeflang and Greet Wuyts) and since the summer of 2013 also with the promising young folk band Elanor. Since the spring of 2018, he is the new hurdy-gurdy player at Aidreann and he takes care of the traditional touch at the large-scale project “FolKK” (Folk meets KleinKunst) (a collaboration between Nekka & MuzMoz with Walter Evenepoel as an inspirer). In addition, he is a frequently requested guest musician at different ensembles.

Thanks to his background in computer science, Thomas can combine ancient sounds with the most modern sound techniques. This recently resulted in a new drone project duo: mOthA (with Maarten Marchau). mOthA is an integral part of a new project, Rooted: De Manen Opzij. For this production, Muziekcentrum Dranouter puts two musicians who are engaged in an innovative way with folk / traditional music in Flanders in confrontation with two equally innovative musicians from different musical directions.

For many years, Thomas has also been a permanent instructor of his instrument, i.a. at the Stichting Draailier & Doedelzak (the Netherlands), at the non-profit association Westelfolk and at the academies of Dranouter, Gooik and Ghent.